NameDateHoleYardageClub Used
Ed Bongard3/8/20174140 yards8 iron
Bob Harris8/2/201712115 yards7 iron
Bill Davis8/3/201712126 yards9 iron
Drey Lane8/19/20178160 yardsUnknown
Rick Jamieson11/12/20188140 yards6 iron
Carl Munson6/15/20194UnknownUnknown
Dean Von Rhine6/22/20194UnknownPW
Kevin Meyh8/24/201912130 yardsPW
Beverly Pfeifer8/26/201917147 yards5 Hybrid
Brian Adams8/28/201917185 yards3 iron
Tom Manion8/27/198142 yards6 iron
Kevin Meyh9/26/1912130 yards9 iron
Doug Menz1/12/2017187 yards3 iron

If you made a Hole in One at White Oaks and your information is not on this list please email Head Golf Professional Kevin Morita to get your information posted!

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